Sunday, June 1, 2008

Yves Saint Lauren Passed Away At Age 71

The high end fashion designer Yves Saint Lauren has died at the age of 71 in his Paris home. The death of the famous fashion designer who gave us the wonderful label was confirmed by a long time friend Pierre Berge. There was no cause of death identified or provided by Berge except to say that Lauren had battled a long illness and unfortunately had lost the battle.

There is no doubt that with the news that Yves Saint Lauren is dead there will be questions asked on the cause and also if it was related to his early personal choices (which might indirectly lead to suspicions of his death being related to AIDS). However, it would be all in bad taste and this sad news of a top French designer and fashion revolutionary should lead us to remember his achievements instead.

There is no doubt that Yves Saint Lauren was one of the greatest fashion designers in the 20th century, with his numerous awards even including those of his personal style such as being named one of GQ's most stylish men as early as 1954. He was also credited with reviving the fortunes of another fashion icon Christian Dior in the 1950's when he took over the reins and prevented the fashion label from going under.

As someone who never ceased in efforts to perfect the ultimate look, Yves Saint Lauren once said that he endeavored to seek "expression, modesty, sex appeal and simplicity" all within the same look. There is no doubt that YSL will be sorely missed in the industry, but his fashion line continues to live on and produce top quality high end beautiful designs and accessories.